Boston Green New Deal Coalition

A civic network of community organizations & issue advocates

Image by Maya Gangan / Global Center for Climate Justice. License CC BY 4.0
Our first in-person meeting, May 10 2022 at the Mass Audubon Boston Nature Center, Mattapan with Chief of Environment, Energy, and Open Space, Rev. Mariama White-Hammond 


The Boston Green New Deal Coalition (BGNDC) is a civic network of groups and individuals committed to addressing economic, racial, environmental, and climate injustice in Boston using an anti-racist approach.

This means focusing on transforming the City into an equitable climate and environmentally healthy place to live, by supporting policies and programs that center those most impacted by current injustices.

Frontline and BIPOC-led community groups lead the priorities outlined by the BGNDC.


We are a citywide coalition space that aims to add value and capacity to all individuals, groups, coalitions, and organizations working on equity, environmental, climate, and economic justice collectively to make tangible progress towards a shared transformation for Boston.



The "Green New Deal" describes a set of interconnected policies that aim to make systematic changes in our communities to address economic, racial, environmental, and climate injustice. 

Here’s our summary of what a Green New Deal for Boston should include (swipe right for Spanish) 

Mayor Wu's 2020 Plan for a Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery

In 2020, then City Councilor, Michelle Wu, released a plan outlining a Green New Deal and Just Recovery for the City of Boston that will propel Boston as a leader in...

Michelle Wu's 2020 plan for a Boston Green New Deal and Just Recovery

Additional GND Resources

Check out the Green New Deal Resource Hub to learn about Green New Deal principles and how it's working in other cities.

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